Ltd. Flame retardant V-belt Introduction

Weishi Jiulong Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd, it located in Kaifeng which was once the capital of seven dynasties inChina, The company is a key and high-tech enterprise of rubber products with rubber and plastic modification R&D asits core. The company integrates production, sales, R&D and services as a whole, and mainly produces rubber V-beltsconveyer belts, cut-edged belts, industrial fabrics, etc. of “Naichi” brand and “Jiulong” brand, and “Naichi"is recognized as “China famous brand” . The company has won titles including “Henan Province AAA IndustrialEnterprises of Quality and lntegrity, “Good Standarding Practice Enterpriseand “Top 100 Henan Private Enterprisesin Manufacturing industry” .

I. Use occasions and characteristics of flame retardant V-belt:

Flame retardant V-belt is mainly used in coal mines, petroleum, underground, natural gas and other occasions that need flame retardant and anti-static. It is characterized by high transmission efficiency, high temperature resistance, flex resistance, high strength, smooth transmission, etc.

II. The marking of flame retardant V-belt for coal mine:





III. Flame retardant V-belt products of JURONG:







IV. Storage and transportation of flame retardant V-belt

1, flame retardant V belt in storage and transportation, should avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow, keep clean; prevent contact with acid, alkali, oil and organic solvents and other substances that affect the quality of flame retardant V belt; prevent mechanical damage, and 1m away from the heating device.

2、When stored, the temperature of the warehouse should be kept between -18℃~+40℃, and the relative humidity should be kept between 50%~80%.

3、During storage, avoid deformation by using flame retardant V-belt with excessive weight, it is better to hang the flame retardant V-belt on a crescent-shaped shelf or put it flat on the shelf.

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